We are looking forward to sharing this very special weekend with you and all of our beloved family and friends! We can't imagine a more fitting place to hold the wedding ceremony and reception.

Oz Farm is a beautiful place, situated in a hidden valley 2 miles off the Pacific Coast and the town of Point Arena. It is first and foremost a working farm, growing certified organic fruits, vegetables and flowers which are made available to local restaurants and residents. They also specialize in varietal apples.

The farm sits on a fertile lowlands at the edge of the California Coast Range and is surrounded by a redwood forest, where the ceremony will take place. There is also a barn with a small stage and a great lawn. The barn area will be where we dine, dance and celebrate. The farm also features a communal building with an industrial kitchen and dining facilities, as well as several rustic cabins where the wedding party and some close friends will stay.

The farm is operated by a family and group of interns who live on the property. The facilities are completely "off the grid" - powered by both wind and solar. Water is supplied by springs onsite. We feel great about supporting this Mendocino institution!


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